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Economic Vitality Incentive Program

          The Economic Vitality Incentive Program was initiated on the election of Governor Snyder to provide some incentives to local government agencies to provide information on a more transparent level to the local citizenry. The Performance Dashboard is meant to do that by conveying in simple chart representation the most important financial and operational measures of the local government in a brief manner that can be easily understood by the average citizen. While the local unit has flexibility regarding the contents of the Performance Dashboard, it does include some of the trends of local government financing and budgeting with arrows that reflect the trends, either up or down, or simply neutral, or unchanged.

          Changing over time, the dashboard will reflect a general report on measures of fiscal stability, economic strength, public safety, and quality of life measures that the Village develops in its overall plans for the future and present to the State of Michigan Treasury Department in its annual F-65 Financial Reports every year. Click on the Performance Dashboard, CVTRS Revenue Sharing Certification, Projected Budget Report, or the Scheduled of Bonded Indebtedness links below for the Village of Grass Lake financial information and do not hesitate to contact the Village Manager with any questions.

Performance Dashboard

CVTRS Revenue Sharing Certification

Projected Budget Report

 Current Schedule of Bonded Indebtedness

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