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Council Authorizes Golf Carts on Village Streets


               The Village Council in its regular meeting of April 21, 2015 decided to give golf carts a try. Not that they’re taking up golf as a recreational endeavor, but more to provide the residents of the Village an opportunity to use their golf carts around the Village on village streets. Under Public Act 491 of 2014, signed into law by the Governor in January, villages, townships and cities can provide for the use of a golf cart as a means for transportation on municipal streets.

               Each municipality could simply pass a formal resolution to allow the carts on their streets with cities and villages having the authority to do so without any other authorization beyond current law. For townships, the law provided the same authority, however, it also gave the County Board of Commissioners the authority to override the townships resolution. “I imagine that speed tends to be the biggest part of the problem for townships,” said Village Manager Tom Nolte, “but it’s not entirely out of the question for townships.”

               The law, and resolution, however, comes with a few restrictions as follows:

  • Golf carts are only allowed on the village streets in the daytime, and are prohibited from one half hour before sunset until one half hour after sunrise;
  • Individuals seeking to utilize a golf cart on village streets are prohibited from utilizing Michigan Avenue, except to get to the next street intersection from their home;
  • Drivers of golf carts on the streets are required to register with the Village Clerk’s office their driver license number, name, address and contact phone number. The cart itself is not required to be registered;
  • Drivers of golf carts are restricted to only those who are at least 16 years of age and licensed to operate a motor vehicle;
  • The golf cart must be equipped with a “slow moving vehicle sign” but not exceed 15 miles per hour, and are not permitted to operate where the speed limit zone exceeds 30 miles per hour; and’
  • The operator of a golf cart must drive as close to the right edge of the road as possible.

Beyond that it’s pretty much follow the rules of the road Nolte says. “When you are about to make a left or right turn, then signal that turn as if you were riding a bike,” he said, “Unless your cart is actually equipped with turn signals.” Outside of that follow the rules of the road when driving, parking or maneuvering on the streets of the Village. Be aware of the traffic behind you and pull off the road if traffic is getting stacked up behind you. In the meantime, get your operation of a golf cart registered by clicking on the registration link below.

               Finally, the Council has approved those operation details for only 1 year until April of 2016. They will be watching the operations of golf carts on the streets and reviewing whether or not to allow it continuously after this one year try-out.


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