Planning Commission

Planning Commission Position Email Term
Rich Rabeler Chairman December 2021
Estelle "Star" Mead Secretary December 2022
Susan Starrett Commissioner December 2022
Kevin Caldwell Commissioner December 2023
Joe DeBoe Council Liaison November 2022


Meeting Schedule

Planning Commission Meetings

2020 Meeting Dates and Application Deadlines

Planning Commission

*regular meetings

1st Thursday Application Deadlines:

Last Calendar Meeting of the Planning
Commission is required for the Election of
Officers and Adoption of the Meeting Calendar

Zoning Change
Special Use Permits
Home Occupations
12/5/19* 11/7/2019
1/2/2020 12/5/2019
2/6/2020 1/2/2020
3/5/2020* 2/6/2020
4/2/2020 3/5/2020
5/7/2020 4/2/2020
6/4/2020* 5/7/2020
7/2/2020 6/4/2020
8/6/2020- Cancelled 7/2/2020
9/3/2020* 8/6/2020
10/1/2020 9/3/2020
11/5/2020 10/1/2020
12/3/2020* 11/5/2020

All meetings will take place at the Grass Lake Village Hall, 119 N Lake St. at 7:30 PM.
*= Regularly scheduled meetings; any changes to these dates will be announced as soon as known.
Meetings on other dates will take place only if business warrants; those that do take place will be posted as Special Meetings a minimum of 18 hours before the meeting time.

Richard K. Rabeler, Chairperson
Grass Lake Village Planning Commission

Planning Commission Agenda and Minutes

Please use this link to view agendas and minutes